Books Close to Home

image courtesy of moyix

A big challenge for personal and family archivist is trying to do a lot with a little. Actually, this is a challenge for all archivists, but individuals don’t have all the staff, money, and resources that large archival institutions do. So I thought I would compile a list of books that deal with preservation topics and are available free (yes, you heard me free) from the Seattle Public Library. Thank you to the folks at the Seattle Public Library for their help in compiling this list. The first four books are ones for which I can personally vouch, especially the first two.


Saving Stuff: How to Care for and Preserve your Collectibles, Heirlooms, and Other Prize Possessions
Don Williams
069.53 W6714S 2005
Preserving your Family Photographs: How to Care for your Family Photographs – from Daguerreotypes to Digital Imaging
Maureen Taylor
771.46 T2164P 2010
Organizing Your Digital Life: How to Store your Photographs, Music, Videos, & Personal Documents in a Digital World
Aimee Baldridge
646.70028 B1932o 2009
An Ounce of Preservation: A Guide to the Care of Papers and Photographs
Craig A. Tuttle
R025.84 TUTTLE 1995
Your Digital Afterlife: When Facebook, Flickr and Twitter are your Estate, What’s your Legacy?
John Romano
343.09944 C2364Y 2011
Scrapbook Storytelling: Save Family Stories and Memories with Photos, Journaling and Your Own Creativity
Joanna Campbell-Slan
745.593 SLAN 1999


Scrapbook Secrets: Shortcuts & Solutions Every Scrapbooker Needs to Know
Kinber McGray
745.593 M1785S 2009
Digital Curation: A How-to-do-it Manual
D.R. Harvey
025.00285 H2623D 2010
How to Do Just about Anything with Your Digital Photos: Digital Scrapbooking, Image Enhancement, Creative Projects, Web and E-mail Sharing
Graham Davis
775 D2934H 2005

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